Bright Lights Big City meets The Catcher in the Rye
It’s terrifying and harsh, sad and hilarious. A gripping coming-of-age story about friendship, death, and finding one’s self, set against the backdrop of a provocative Hollywood lifestyle.

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At eight years old Jake Walden is sexually assaulted by his sixteen-year-old babysitter. The horrifying incident is swept under the rug by Jake’s parents, leaving him confused about life and the limits of love and loyalty. After moving to a new town leads to a falling out with his father, Jake begins a downward spiral. He discovers the leverage of telling lies and the numbing calm of drugs and alcohol, all subsequent addictions matched only by his uncontrollable search for true allegiance.
Thirteen years later as a musician in Los Angeles in a band on the rise, Jake finds himself at the peak of his intoxicated madness—an alcoholic insomniac with a thirst for sex, drugs, and violence. While living on Yucca Street in Hollywood, Jake meets Clive, his roommate and most dangerous and loyal ally; Allison, an unconventional love; and Roger, a drug-peddling killer and Allison’s ex-boyfriend. Throughout the course of one night, Jake discovers that Roger may have tried to eliminate him in a vengeful act and that Clive may have been caught in the middle. Jake is then left to make a choice that will reveal the sad truth of his most beloved friendship—and, about himself.